TSA Breast Milk Screening Harassment

Okay, first of all, who puts breast milk through the x-ray machine? They always have those little laser scanners for baby stuff. Apple juice, water, empty sippy cups, all that jazz. What on earth point is there in x-raying a plastic storage baggie of milk? It’s a baggy. You swish it around: No nails! The x-rays wouldn’t pick anything of worth up anyway.

Who stands there for 45 minutes while a young mother, alone, stands in a glass box, missing her flight, and doesn’t say or do anything or relent in any way?

And this business that TSA employees are all brave ex-marines who just want to defend their country? Bull-hocky. I’ve been through a lot of security lines since 9/11 and in my experience they’re all like this: officious, fat, grumpy union thugs that are all cheer and skittles early in their well-paid shifts but will practically hit you if you do a single thing wrong when their moods start to slip.

And this is from February. No nudity-or-groping issue whatsoever.