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Prenatal Ewephant

*lip quiver* Daily Mail – Extraordinary ultrasound of George the baby elephant curled up inside his mother’s womb LOOKIT HIS ICKLE TRUNK

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And Now, A Word From Ella Fitzgerald

Apropos of nothing in particular (it was a beautiful day here today, so certainly don’t take it literally), I just happened by it just now: Ella sings “Stormy Weather” with Joe Pass, Hannover 1975

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Peter’s Firstborn Shall Be Called… Anatole

The Times – The pay gap is putting democracy in danger, by Anatole Kaletsky Mr Cameron asked Mr Hutton, a lifelong Labour supporter and passionate campaigner for social equality, to chair a Fair Pay Review. Mr Hutton suggests that extreme inequality, as well as being morally repugnant, imposes huge economic losses on society. Far from […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCLIII

I have two videos about New Jersey. The first one I’ve had open for a few days now and been meaning to post because it’s really quite good: Mike Marino on an Italian President: The second one isn’t funny. It made me a little teary, actually. But I found this right after re-watching the first […]

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Waiting For Superman: My First (In-Theater) Documentary!

I went to see Waiting For Superman tonight (Geoffrey Canada is speaking at work in a couple weeks), and it was really, really good. It’s quite heartbreaking, but hearing about how heartbreaking it is, I expected a lot of long shots of weeping women and children, but it isn’t at all like that. It’s very […]

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Bores vs. Hacks

Telegraph Blogs – Toby Harnden: How Britain and the web are changing stuffy American journalism Often caught between the two, I’ve always been fascinated by the differences between journalism in Britain and the United States. One of the most striking things is the contrast between the self-image of journalists on either side of the Pond. […]

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I See Your Juan Williams and LAUGH

After the Juan Williams bruhaha there was quite a bit of (extra) noise made about the possibility of defunding NPR/PBS. Baby’s diapers have Sesame Street characters on them. They used to have baby versions of the characters but I bought a pack of a new line that have the normal characters on them. This is […]

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Michael Caine!

Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon doing Michael Caine after a couple glasses of wine at lunch (language warning, natch): It’s funny because I just heard about that clip in one of the entertainment columns I read over the weekend. I love when I catch up with the zeitgeist so quickly.

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Conan O’Brien’s new show starts tonight. I’m going to be a major hypocrite and not watch it (IT STARTS AT 11! ON THE DAY AFTER DAYLIGHT SAVINGS! I WENT TO BED AT LIKE 8.30 LAST NIGHT! (well not really but that’s when i started brushing my teeth)) but he’s started an American Express campaign which […]

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Libby Vs Keef

I love Libby: The Times – The Stones defined the Sixties? Gimme strength, by Libby Purves [O]ccasionally it needs to be pointed out that entertainers, and the instant cultural “historians” who excitably comment on them, tend to fall into the trap of thinking that they represent a whole generation. We enjoy thinking that: it makes […]

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The Fridge From Narnia

English made and reliable? Telegraph – Family’s fridge is still going after 63 years The English Electric appliance which George and Ivy Ashley bought in 1947 is now thought to be the oldest continuously-working fridge in the country. It has served the family so well that, apart from the occasional replacement bulbs for the internal […]

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Two Minutes Silence

Aww, what a good idea: Telegraph – An unlikely charity single could reach number one next week: two minutes’ of silence. The track, which is released on Monday as a digital download, is to raise money for the Royal British Legion. The organisers hope that it might top the charts next week, coinciding with Remembrance […]

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From Triumph to the Individual

Hmm, interesting: Telegraph – Britain’s long, slow journey to remembrance We have fought wars for centuries, but it is only recently that we have chosen to remember our dead, rather than our battles and our victories, writes Simon Heffer.

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Jazzing Up the Ramayana

I really liked this. Sure it’s an hour and twenty minutes, but it was really interesting, clever, entertaining, and has a really well composed little interlude of heart-break. Sita Sings the Blues It’s very episodic so if you have a few patches of free time this weekend I think it’s worth a watch. Update: I […]

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Let’s Be Honest: They’re Smarting Because of What Jon Stewart Said About Him

Kieth Olbermann gets suspended for donating money to three Democrats. In the wise words of one comedy twitterer: MSNBC suspends Keith Olbermann for donating money to 3 Democrats. That’s shocking: Olbermann gave money to only 3 Democrats? What’s really going on here is they want to get rid of him not because of all the […]

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