Even I’m getting fed up with the wedding news. I was willing to make allowances in those first, heady 48 hours or so, when one assumes story editors were too buzzed with momentum, lack of sleep, the pressures of their bosses, the competition of the other newspaper and, one can only assume, cocaine, to form to a rational thought like, “This article about the future princess’s potential style of hats in her middle to advanced age might not be adding much value to this engagement story, actually.”

Today I saw a headline for a story which claimed to be written entirely about speculation about what the family will wear to the wedding. Seriously? And this a week after the engagement was announced?

Jonah Goldberg:

This morning the Today Show opened with the breaking news that the wedding date had been set for some royal couple. They spent a long time on the subject. Then, they went to the “other headlines” segment in which they explained that North Korea had all but declared war on South Korea in an artillery attack. I’m torn about whether to criticize the producers for their blinkered news sense or salute them for knowing their audience so well.