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2010 In Review:

Off the top of my head, these are my tops. Apologies if I’ve completely forgotten anything that happened towards the beginning of the year; I haven’t spent much time exhaustively researching this. But I figure if it stuck with me for a moment’s reflection in the middle of a New Year’s Eve, it must rank, […]

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Gentlemen, Start Your Braggadocio About Next Year

The Times – Melbourne Cricket Ground (fourth day of five): England beat Australia by an innings and 157 runs It was six minutes to noon, on a glorious Melbourne afternoon, when Tim Bresnan, an honest Yorkshire toiler seemingly transformed over the last two days into a latter day Frederick Sewards Trueman, produced the wicket that […]

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The FCC’s Dystopian Alternate Past: Microsoft BOB

I think this is really quite genius. He must’ve been working on it for quite some time cuz there are a lot of really subtle touches: Slate – If the FCC Had Regulated the Internet A counterfactual history of cyberspace. By Jack Shafer I love how sites are called “channels”. I love how Larry and […]

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Employee Stock Purchase Plan

Peter: “I’m putting 10% towards stock, btw.” Me: “…You’re tithing?” He: “Hah!”

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCLIV

Brief note: I love the Sunday Times iPad app. Honestly, everybody should subscribe to the paywall (it’s not that hard paying, oh children of the interweb), buy an iPad (I mean you should all have one of these anyway; just ask Half) download each edition of the Sunday Times free with your paywall subscription and […]

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Oh Holy Night

I think this is my favourite Christmas Carol this year (ordinarily I’d say it’s I Saw Three Ships or …I can’t think of the other one. (My least favourite? Silent Night, hands down. Or Little Town of Bethlehem.)): (This isn’t what the choir at church sounded like this morning, FYI.) Merry Christmas!

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Christmas Confession:

I really, really want to eat at a Chinese restaurant on Christmas day some time, just to see what it’s really like. Does that make me a bad Catholic? A tourist of American Judaism? Or maybe I’m just not that keen on Turkey and Ham and am subconsciously latching onto a segment of the population […]

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Dark Ages

The Times (£) – Afghan woman mutilated by in-laws gets a tour of Manhattan (this is the girl on the cover of Time over the summer with her nose cut off) “She grew up in a tiny village, there was no electricity, no running water. She never went to school.” Not only could she not […]

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Jesus and Buddha Walk Into a Pachinko Parlor…

I kinda wanna read this: Guardian Blogs – What would Jesus and Buddha do … on holiday? A new manga novel lightheartedly depicting the two as everyday young men may inadvertently raise interest in religion in Japan What would Jesus and Buddha do if they were suddenly thrust into contemporary society, and how would they […]

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Oh! Aramaic!

I love this story: Telegraph Blogs – Christ’s endangered language gets new lease of life in Oxford An Aramaic course offered by Oxford University is drawing scores of scholars from as far afield as Liverpool and London It is the language that Christ spoke, but is regarded as “endangered” with ever fewer scattered groups of […]

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I find everything that’s going on in the world SO boring right now. Anything that would ordinarily be of interest (war, politics, women’s issues) I find very “What’s the point?” to be honest. And I haven’t even found any really tasty holiday recipes I can distract you all with, either. Woe.

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Eureka County Nevada, 1880: 840 out of 7,086 Born in Italy

That and other fascinating statistics in this awesome interactive infographic: NYT – Immigration Explorer Select a foreign-born group to see how they settled across the United States. I also think it’s interesting that foreign-born immigration to the South just dies in the 1950s. Is this a census thing?

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Speaking of Bad Screws

Guardian – WikiLeaks: Cuba banned Sicko for depicting ‘mythical’ healthcare system Authorities feared footage of gleaming hospital in Michael Moore’s Oscar-nominated film would provoke a popular backlash The revelation, contained in a confidential US embassy cable released by WikiLeaks , is surprising, given that the film attempted to discredit the US healthcare system by highlighting […]

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The World’s Worst Screw

Via the Australian (and elsewhere): “Lawyers cry foul over leak of Julian Assange sex-case papers“ In a move that surprised many of Mr Assange’s closest supporters on Saturday, The Guardian newspaper published previously unseen police documents that accused Mr Assange in graphic detail of sexually assaulting two Swedish women. One witness is said to have […]

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Don’t Stop Believing

I’m having a musical evening, evidently. This is really fun: Guardian – Don’t Stop Believin’: the power ballad that refused to die From Glee to The X Factor, Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’ became inescapable in 2010. Dorian Lynskey on the 30-year-old track that slowly burned its way into our consciousness, by Dorian Lynskey As Peter […]

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