Brief note: I love the Sunday Times iPad app. Honestly, everybody should subscribe to the paywall (it’s not that hard paying, oh children of the interweb), buy an iPad (I mean you should all have one of these anyway; just ask Half) download each edition of the Sunday Times free with your paywall subscription and spend the week carefully perusing it. It’s lovely. It’s just like living in a market with a healthy news publishing industry which, of course, I don’t. But I find myself getting all excited for late Saturday afternoon when it’s released. Anyhoo…

In today’s Sunday Times News Review:

Gordon Ramsay’s cookbook is among the unhealthiest of 2010. The TV chef’s recent opus, Gordon Ramsay’s World Kitchen, was last week named one of the five worst cookbooks for health by the American watchdog Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.

“Ramsay has travelled to the ends of the earth to bring back dishes that will wreak havoc on your health,” it reported. Coming in for criticism was Ramsay’s pheasant casserole with colcannon, which includes two birds, smoked bacon and generous helpings of butter and cream. The watchdog called it “the kind of meaty, high-fat meal that promotes obesity, diabetes and heart disease”.

Because, obviously, the reason for the person pictured below’s condition is obviously because she’s cooking Gordon Ramsay’s pheasant casseroles.

That story just really amused me.