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Lumberjack Checked Shirts

I’ve just finished a Simon Brett mystery, one of the Charles Paris series, Situation Tragedy. There’s lots in his books to want to transcribe (for instance the Anglican vicar in on of his Fethering novels, oh man was he funny), but in this book, about some Suspicious Deaths that happen during the filming of a […]

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Nor, Really, Is This Post About Cricket At All

It is, however, about Australia and England playing the Ashes. On Top Gear. Most of the good jokes are in the first half of the first half, but you can watch the second half of the first half although I can’t find the first and second halves of the second half yet.

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Awesome: The Last Few Weeks I Missed Recapped In Political Cartoons!

These appeared in a lovely long ad-free row in Google Reader, alas: The Corner – Cartoon of the Day, by KLo There are actually 28. My fav, for its poignancy:

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Tonight We Watched Hurt Locker

And for much of it, all I could think of was this: Horrible, I know. But I’m very tired today and obviously it’s affecting my brain. The rest of the movie was good, but I thought the end was a little lame.

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Peter’s Watching 2012

And no, I don’t know why either. I was at a friend’s music recital, periodically getting texts like “SANTA MONICA JUST SLID INTO THE PACIFIC” and “God this movie is long.”

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Peter Recommends CXXX

“It is known that there are an infinite number of worlds, simply because there is an infinite amount of space for them to be in. However, not every one of them is inhabited. Therefore, there must be a finite number of inhabited worlds. Any finite number divided by infinity is as near to nothing as […]

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Teenagers “Quite Tense”

I love this story: “10 billionth app” Mom hung up on Apple Gail Davis of Orpington, Kent, UK was the winner of Apple’s 10 billion App Store download contest. The UK mother won the contest with the Paper Glider application that was downloaded by one of her daughters using an iPod touch. In a comical […]

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More Malarial Celebrity News

BBC – George Clooney recovering from malaria He said his own experience shows how the right medication can turn “the most lethal condition” into “a bad 10 days instead of a death sentence”. Insane. I mean, with the right medication you can survive with HIV/Aids for a long time, but you’re still going to die. […]

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Poor Pub

I’ve had this open for an age so I’ll finally link to it now: The Economist – Time, gentlemen An elegy on the British pub, by our obituaries editor The church can go, long since the preserve of a flower-arranging few; the local shop can go, since the distant hypermarket’s cheapness is worth the petrol; […]

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Fun With Cold

Evaporating Water in -30C in Yellowknife, NWT

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I’d Like to Thank My Mother and Dr King For Making This Day Possible

<br/><br/> I had the day off today (Peter didn’t haha) and my mother took Baby for a walk in the warm January sunshine so I did some dishes, got my car washed, did some shopping and had a “strawberry romanoff” from La Baguette, pictured.

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On 1st Class Rail Travel & Corporate Shuttles

So those of you with an eye on Twitter will have noticed I took the train up to San Francisco for a movie yesterday. On the train, I was thinking about something I spend a lot of time thinking about but a new thought occurred to me. So, no one in the Bay Area takes […]

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Peter Recommends CXXIX

Industrial kitchens are CRAZY. Vincent Talleu: Croissants I’ve made croissants before (it turned out well but was definitely one of those things that, having done it, I’m happy to let others do it for me) and he’s actually doing it right. These ain’t no (or shouldn’t be no) limp supermarket pastries.

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Sniffle XLXII

Brett McS sent me this. It’s bootiful: Daily Telegraph – Then an army of angels turned up IT will go down in folklore as Salvation Saturday. It was the day an army of big-hearted volunteers shouldering brooms, mops and shovels began digging and sweeping Brisbane out of the mud. In a remarkable display of community […]

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My Star-Crossed Print Love Affair


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