Honestly. Even this video, which I know I should get excited about, about some good arguments about repealing Obamacare:

I mean, it’s good, it’s a very good argument, but it’s a bunch of numbers, and nobody who doesn’t already know that won’t see it, and even if they do see it, purely by accident, they’ll either have seen something that 100% refutes it or they’ll have seen something else that proves he travels with lobbyists or that he’s pro-life so his opinions (“opinions”) are meaningless.

Anyway, everything’s a bit like that. But, on the bright side:

• The weather’s been nice
• Top Gear is back on
• We’re not broke
• I’ve been reading some rather enjoyable books
• I’ve been having a good time watching A Touch of Frost every other night or so on my iPad
• And Twitter continues to be diverting enough.

Curtsy: One of RC2‘s retweets for that video.