I finally got around to reading in full a column by Teddy Dalrymple on the Pope that RC2 linked to the other day. Since I do love a point-proving hypothetical:

It is universally accepted that step-fathers, for example, are many times more likely to commit both physical and sexual abuse against children than biological fathers; and since step-fatherhood has now become a very much more common relationship than it once was, thanks to the social reforms of the last fifty years or so, it is likely that the great majority of child abuse that occurs in this country is committed by them. Moreover, it is a matter of common knowledge that many mothers connive at such abuse because they wish to retain the favours of the step-fathers.

It follows from this that, if the Pope should be arrested for crimes against humanity, so should the following categories:

Divorcees with children


Single mothers

Feminists and all other proponents of lax marriage and easy divorce, including journalists

All legislators who have eased divorce laws and all government ministers who have either failed to support marriage by fiscal means or have actually weakened it by those means

All judges and other lawyers who have administered easy divorce laws instead of having refused to do so

All social workers and social security officials who have sought advantages for or administered payments to non-widowed single parents and no doubt many others.

And on a subject unrelated to this one entirely, it reminded me of a rather amusing thought I had yesterday walking up University Avenue in Palo Alto (a terribly virtuous place, downtown Palo Alto is, but the restaurants are good and the cafes very good). We passed an American Apparel store (I thought they’d gone bankrupt?), and they had a sticker in their window, “Legalize LA: Immigration Reform NOW”. They make a big deal about making everything in LA and, given their current financial difficulties, I can see why they’d be protective of an inexpensive workforce.

Anyway I thought of all the virtuous Stanford students shopping in that store feeling very righteous and correct and thought how fun it would be to ask them, “Say you got to Stanford and in your first class you found that someone was sitting in your desk. He was a crap student but he lied in his application and took your spot. Now that he’s here, we can’t very well send him home, so you’ll have to sit in your boring little home town for the rest of your life or try getting into a state college, despite your 4.8 GPA and 1560 SAT score.”

I saw that somebody lied on their application to get into Harvard and was not only sent home but thrown in jail for it. Funny, eh?