I love this story: “10 billionth app” Mom hung up on Apple

Gail Davis of Orpington, Kent, UK was the winner of Apple’s 10 billion App Store download contest. The UK mother won the contest with the Paper Glider application that was downloaded by one of her daughters using an iPod touch. In a comical turn of events, Davis feared she had lost the US$10,000 prize when she inadvertently hung up on Apple.

According to Cult of Mac, Davis received a congratulatory phone call from Apple’s Eddy Cue, the Vice President of iTunes. Davis initially believed the phone call was a prank. She replied with a curt “Thank you very much, I’m not interested” and hung up on the Apple executive.

Panic ensued when her daughters informed their mother that the call may have been real. The teen-agers were downloading apps on their iPod touches when the contest ended at 9:30AM in the UK (1:30AM PST/4:30AM EST).

Fearing she had botched her chance at a $10,000 iTunes gift card, Davis called Apple’s support line to connect with the appropriate person and explain her mistake. Unfortunately, the customer service representative was not able to assist her with this unique request. Her daughters were reportedly getting “quite tense” at this point in time.

Emphasis mine. Hehehe. Happy ending:

Thankfully, another Apple employee called Davis back a few hours later and she was able to tell her side of this story.