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Calamity Jane Russell

Everyone else is going on about Gentlemen Prefer Blonds but I don’t think I’ve even seen that whole movie. What I’m broken up about is The Paleface. That was always one of my favourite movies. :(

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/deletes rant which itemizes past wrongdoing on the part of American television studios Showbiz 411 – Helen Mirren Thinks Maria Bello Will Be “Great” in “Prime Suspect” The magnificent Helen Mirren — an Oscar presenter this Sunday– tells me she’s thrilled that American producers have chosen Maria Bello to play Jane Tennison in the new […]

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New Genre: Bureaucracy Thrillers!

A bear has just excused himself into the woods: Guardian – Wang Xiaofang exposes world of Chinese bureaucracy Bestselling author exposes shady world while readers buy his books to get insight into how to become government officials Far from glorifying the Communist party apparatus, these books offer readers a glimpse into a shady world where […]

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A Government With No Use For People

Somebody once worked for a man she said was the worst kind of misogynist: A gay misogynist. He didn’t even need women for sex. I’m reminded of that right now. I think most politicians hate people (when counting on a global scale, that is), but at least they need to make an occasional effort to […]

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Tinsel Town Tops Six

Subheading: FOR CRYING OUT LOUD WHY ARE THERE STILL SO MANY NOMINATIONS Because nobody watches anymore and they think maybe it’s because there aren’t enough movies to root for. NOBODY WATCHES BECAUSE PEOPLE DON’T HAVE 16 HOURS OF THEIR LIVES TO LOSE TO L’OREAL ADS AND GAY MEN BEING CATTY ABOUT CLEAVAGE Well anyway, RC2 […]

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The Arab February: Tempered Enthusiasm

Oh this is very good but I feel bad quoting the whole thing… The Times – ‘Arab’ need no longer be a prefix for failure, by Amir Taheri Imagine one morning that you wake up to find the newspaper you have been reading for years is offering a totally new picture of the world. It […]

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A Brief History of Muammar Mo’ammar Moammar Moamer Mu’ammar Mu’amar Muamar Qaddafi Gadhafi Kaddafi Qadhafi El Kadhafi Gadafi al-Qadafi El Kazzafi al-Gaddafi Al Qathafi Al Qathafi el-Gadhafi El Kadhafi al-Qadhafi al-Qadhdhafi Qadafi Gaddafi Qadhdhafi Khaddafi al-Khaddafi Ghaddafy al-Kadafi Ghaddafi Quathafi Gheddafi Al-Kaddafi Ghadafi Kaddafi Khadafy Qudhafi al-Qaddafi, AKA Mulazim Awwal Mu’ammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Qadhafi.

This is very good, if anyone feels compelled to pay a quid to read the whole thing: The Times – Gaddafi’s model dictatorship is turning to dust, by Ben Macintyre But so far from being insane, Libya’s ruler of 41 years has clung to power in a way that is consistent, effective and entirely ruthless. […]

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Poor Old Christchurch

From the Herald Sun: Christchurch Cathedral: Before and after And here’s the rolling Wiki page, always helpful in an unfolding story.

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The Arab It’s-Still-February

Uh ohs: Google executive Wael Ghonim, who emerged as a leading voice in Egypt’s uprising, was barred from the stage in Tahrir Square on Friday by security guards, an AFP photographer said. Ghonim tried to take the stage in Tahrir, the epicentre of anti-regime protests that toppled President Hosni Mubarak, but men who appeared to […]

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Forest Sale (And Celebrities Are Suckers For Immigrants?)

This is from last week, so it’s a little out of date as events on the ground have changed, somewhat (Imma catching up on my iPad app): The Sunday Times – Charles Clover: Tim-ber! Down go the forest sale disaster myths The disturbing thing is that the celebrities and politicians seem to know so little […]

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Random Musical Interlude

Strong Annie Lenox-with-dashes-of-Cher vibe: Clare Maguire – The Last Dance (HD) Very Moby-in-the-Play-era-meets-KT Tunstall (original w/ video here: Adele – Rolling In The Deep (Jamie xx Shuffle) And finally, a cover of Feist by the dubstep artist that I’m fairly obsessed with: James Blake – Limit To Your Love

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From Egypt

With Love: /sniff

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First Footage of Amazonian Uncontacted Tribes

Uncontacted Amazon Tribe: First ever aerial footage from Survival International on Vimeo. First of all: This video is amazing, and I agree with everything laid out here (although it would be nice if we could maybe, I dunno, ask them if they’d like us to send some tylenol, antibiotics, and maybe an OB-GYN to them), […]

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Peter Recommends CXXXII

I’d like to read this, really I would, but it’s 26 (web-) pages long. But I’m linking to it now (and I’ll keep it open to motivate myself to read it after all) because Peter just finished reading it today, and was all lit up about the details within, which are pretty shocking (as unlike […]

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Of Nasty Nurses and Hash Tags

This had me near tears today (and it’s nothing to do with old age NHS vs social care scandals) (and it’s not exactly the Telegraph that it appears in): The Independent – Christina Patterson: Nasty nurses? Tell me something new Some people, on hearing that old people in hospital were being left lying in their […]

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