Somebody once worked for a man she said was the worst kind of misogynist: A gay misogynist. He didn’t even need women for sex. I’m reminded of that right now. I think most politicians hate people (when counting on a global scale, that is), but at least they need to make an occasional effort to get reelected, or collect taxes.

The Sunday Times – Paul Wolfowitz: Libya’s oil curse has stained the West’s hands<br/> Libya has been crippled by the curse of oil, with inequality between kleptocrats and the people creating hatred, bloodshed and now massacres

Although the country earns enough to provide each citizen with a per capita income of more than $10,000 a year, the great majority of people live miserable lives. But that is merely the beginning. The oil curse has produced a government that has no need for its people. Even China must allow its people enough freedom to enable a modern economy to function. Colonel Gadaffi has no such need, so he can afford to keep Libyans locked behind a wall of terror where there is no source of income other than the government and no private economy except for a small, artificial one controlled by Gadaffi’s cronies.

Gadaffi doesn’t even need Libyans for his army since he has found that hired mercenaries will carry out his ruthless orders more dependably. As Max Fisher observed in The Atlantic, Gadaffi has spent years “assiduously decentralising his forces into small, isolated units of security troops, mercenary irregulars and civilian militias”. This presents the horrible possibility that this force “could fight on after every senior politician and general, or even Gadaffi himself, stepped down”.

Huh. I almost wonder why he didn’t have a lovely great purge years ago. Think how easy his life would be now. All that desert to himself. (/sarcasm ( if it wasn’t obvious))