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Guardian – Wang Xiaofang exposes world of Chinese bureaucracy
Bestselling author exposes shady world while readers buy his books to get insight into how to become government officials

Far from glorifying the Communist party apparatus, these books offer readers a glimpse into a shady world where leaders drift from their principles and acquire money and mistresses.

“This is spiritual medicine for Chinese society”, Wang said loftily, nodding at the foot-high handwritten manuscript of his 12th and latest book. “Everyone has lost themselves and their faith. The souls of a billion Chinese people are floating in the air.”

Twelve years ago, the 48-year-old author was secretary to the deputy mayor of one of China’s biggest cities. Then his boss was executed for corruption in a scandal that gripped the decaying north-eastern industrial powerhouse Shenyang. …[skipping his personal story]

But he acknowledged that the scandal shocked him into confronting the ubiquity of corruption. His books offer sympathetic portrayals of officials struggling – and often failing – to maintain integrity. Many of his characters “hate corruption but don’t have the courage to fight against it, because that is costly”, he said. The righteous can seem austere to their peers; less scrupulous colleagues endear themselves with gifts, favours and the lure of an easier lifestyle.

“It’s the tragedy of the system … The price of power is too great. The more control the government imposes, the worse corruption is.”

Sigh. Emphasis mine.