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Puns, Meet Your River in Egypt

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Excellent line to look out for: “Yes I do not think they’re in that league” BOO YARGH. On everything else: “If you look at history and remember, I’m a historian, MOST revolutions lead not to happy-clappy democracy but periods of internal turmoil, periods […]

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Egyptian Infographic GOLDMINE

Actually they’re Brazilian infographics but never mind that: InspiredMag – The Full Dimension of the Arab Revolution in 50+ Infographics And no I haven’t gone through them all cuz honestly I think they’re about to crash Safari and I wanted to link to them before I went down. *trots off to restart her iMac*

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Disney at War

I’ve just added a bunch of these to my Tumblr in the sidebar but I thought it deserved more attention cuz it’s so awesome: 2719 Hyperion: Service with Character: Disney World War II Insignia It is indeed an especially intriguing and engaging category of Disney-produced artwork. The insignia designs that were created by the studio […]

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Unfinished London

Unfinished London – A Documentary by Jay Foreman and Paul Kendler I love the way he uses Google Maps. I love the pacing. I love everything about this. I was once stuck watching local TV and there was some lady in a felt hat and those duck-shaped comfortable leather walking boots giving a tour of […]

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Lost 17 of Los 33

It’s funny to wrap up the end of the Egyptian Saga, which I haven’t mentioned at all here, with this story about the Chilean Miners, the Story That Gripped The World of 6 months ago or so. The Sunday Times (£) – The lost 17 days For nine weeks the fate of 33 men trapped […]

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An a Cappella History of the 20th Century

Stalin Wasn’t Stallin’ (Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet) Heh.

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Modern Man

I love this article. It took me nearly a week to read it, but it was worth it. Anyway I don’t have a lot of time to spend on “long form” online content, as it were. Anyway read the whole thing, even if it takes you several days. The New Yorker – SOCIAL ANIMAL How […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCLVI

The first half of this is a perfectly enjoyable clip show. The third quarter is a little slow to reveal but the payoff is OMG SO WORTH IT: Brad Bird Annie Award 2011 ASIFA

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Asmaa Mahfouz

Meet Asmaa Mahfouz and the vlog that Helped Spark the Revolution Apparently this is the video that started it all: She put it on her Facebook page and it went viral. Random observation: I have the audio down really low and Arabic sounds a bit like German. I think.

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Lady, If Your Kid Eats It, It IS the Next Best Thing to a Candy Bar

Jeez. Curtsy: RC2.

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Meanwhile, In Search Queries…

WaPo Blogs – In China, ‘Egypt’ and ‘Cairo’ have vanished Imagine typing “Egypt” or “Cairo” into a Web portal’s search engine and seeing no stories about the massive protests in Egypt over the past week. That’s what’s happening in China right now. It’s a sign that the Chinese government fears the democratic movement brewing in […]

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This Safety Video Is RIDICULOUS

I can’t watch anymore: Safety Video (I’m not embedding it) This video was discovered by someone who used to work at a public library several years ago. This has not been edited in any way. This is 100% authentic. I found this on my Twitter this morning. Someone, I think Sali Hughes, who writes a […]

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Peter Recommends CXXXI

Apparently that’s VW’s upcoming Superbowl ad. I like this. If all the companies start releasing their Superbowl ads on YouTube early, it saves the rest of us from having to actually watch the Superbowl. Superbowl! …Just cuz I can’t usually use that word in my other writing job. Superbowl Superbowl Superbowl!

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Christian Aid

Telegraph – Baroness Ashton in political correctness row over word ‘Christian’ A meeting of EU foreign ministers failed to agree on a condemnation of sectarian attacks over the Christmas period that targeted Christians in Egypt and Iraq. Talks ended angrily when Italy accused Lady Ashton, the EU’s foreign minister, of “excessive” political correctness because she […]

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Oi, Oi, Oi.

Brett McS just sent this satellite photo of a rather Australia-sized storm heading for already-flood-ravaged Queensland: Keeping in mind, of course: And more excellent comparisons here: How Cyclone Yasi compares around the world

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