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Excellent line to look out for:

“Yes I do not think they’re in that league” BOO YARGH.

On everything else:

“If you look at history and remember, I’m a historian, MOST revolutions lead not to happy-clappy democracy but periods of internal turmoil, periods of terror, and they also lead to external aggression because the simplest way to mobilize people in a relatively poor and not very educated population like Egypt is to point to the enemy within and then the enemy abroad. *pauses for breath* The scenarios that the Israelis are looking at involve a transition NOT to some kind of peaceful and amicable democracy but a Muslim Brotherhood-dominated regime which then pursues an aggressive policy towards Israel.”

God these journalists tho. They’re just dripping with outrage on Obama’s behalf. How can anyone watch this crap? Oh wait it’s MSNBC so I guess they don’t. :\

And in other, awful awful awful news:

NYT Blogs – CBS Says Lara Logan Suffered ‘Brutal’ Attack in Cairo

Lara Logan, the CBS News correspondent, was attacked and sexually assaulted by a mob in Cairo on Feb. 11, the day that the Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak was forced from power, the network said Tuesday.

After the mob surrounded her, Ms. Logan “suffered a brutal and sustained sexual assault and beating before being saved by a group of women and an estimated 20 Egyptian soldiers,” the network said in a statement. Ms. Logan is recovering at a hospital in the United States.

The evening of the attack, Ms. Logan, 39, the network’s chief foreign affairs correspondent, was covering the celebrations in Tahrir Square in central Cairo with a camera crew and an unknown number of security staff members. The CBS team was enveloped by “a dangerous element” within the crowd, CBS said, that numbered more than 200 people. That mob separated Ms. Logan from her team and then attacked her.

Once she was rescued, CBS said she “reconnected” with the team and returned to the United States on Feb. 12.

I dunno, I have a lot to say about that but I don’t think I’d say any of it very well so I might as well keep my mouth shut for now. Poor lady.