I love this:

The Times – Your guide to fighting those wicked Tory cuts, by Matthew Parris

Here follows an A-Z: a beginner’s guide to opposing whatever spending reduction this wicked, economically illiterate, dogmatic, purblind (etc) Tory-led Government is planning. To oppose a cut, cast your eye over the list and choose your arguments.

A is for Agreement. This cut wasn’t mentioned in the coalition agreement and has been sprung on us without democratic mandate.

B is for Big Society. This cut actually undermines the Big Society, because a charity/voluntary group/small platoon, reliant on a grant from public funds, will be the ultimate victim.

C is for Cheeseparing (useful words: penny-pinching, niggardly, small change, petty, candle-end economy, peanuts). This cut is too small to be worth the bother; just a “drop in the ocean”, equivalent to four seconds’ spending on the NHS … etc (but see Draconian).

Etc. I love this article.

And I love this one (and it reminds me of an episode of Yes, Minster):

P is for Philistine. Hands off the Royal Opera. How mean-minded (politics of envy/toff-bashing etc) to penalise the rich/cultured/educated by cutting the very few benefits they do get from the taxpayer (see also Heritage).

Backing up so I can quote the end:

O is for Overseas Aid. Why is the budget of the Department for International Development ring-fenced, but not that of our kids’ Sure Start centre?

So now I can quote the end:

All imaginable cuts tick the O box. Most cuts will tick a number more. Ministers should observe the lights turning amber if more than four or five boxes are ticked.

Selling off the Forestry Commission ticks A, B, C, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, O, P, Q, R, W, X and Z.