Have you seen the price of diesel lately? I think I can make it till Wednesday.

So: The French air force seemed to have kicked some serious ass today in Libya. It’s nice to see them demonstrating their abilities for the world. Hate seeing them lumped in with the rest of the European elf-n-safety forces.

The British flew 3,000 mile bombing missions from Marham to Lybia and back again, the longest since the Falklands. The British Isles: Nature’s Aircraft Carriers.

The British are calling this Operation Ellamy. The Canadians: Operation MOBILE. French: Opération Harmattan. US? Operation Odyssey Dawn. Twitter erupts in obvious stripper name comparisons.

Saudi Arabia has invaded Bahrain. Egyptians are voting. Hillary is leaving politics. And I don’t even know what Obama’s deal is anymore.

NHK is playing footage from the inside of a school where refugees are living. I didn’t catch which town it’s in. Just a third of rooms have heat and the temperatures are below freezing. There’s no water to flush the toilets, but a plumber has neatly strung rubber tubing into the building via a window in the stairwell to pipe water out of the school’s swimming pool into a large blue bucket, for flushing toilets with.

Am I the only one having a hard time finding a regular update on the recovery updates in Japan? I don’t want stories about the damned nuclear reactor. I know that it’s serious, but I’m more immediately concerned with the people affected. I saw one photo (which was amazing) of a road, shredded to ribbons, that they’d managed to repair and repave inside of five days. Compare and contrast to Obama’s “shovel ready jobs”. Our unions wouldn’t have even had a chance to meet to vow not to allow non-union work to go forward within those five days. Anyway, there’s a One week later collection up at Boston.com, but I can’t find much content besides.

NHK is playing a lady speaking English over the Japanese-speaking power company employee waving a pen over a poster printed over a piece of cork board. No journalist is using this as raw feed to edit down and replace with a panel of “experts” sitting in front of expensive 3D computer animations. It’s so simple and informative.

(Btw, the title’s an Airplane reference. In case anyone missed it.)