The Times, my precious Times, is behind a paywall and rather strict about people reproducing too much outside the paywall. And I feel bad linking to everything inside the paywall because I know nobody pays for it. But I pay, and I think it’s worth it. But that’s okay, whatever.

Then there are articles like the one below, by Mark Steyn, whom I used to love reading. But when I (proactively go to) find his articles, I find them in the following format:

1. Article content
2. Article content, broken off from part 1 presumably because the OC Register is trying to shake me off.
3. Ad. Why an ad of this format is placed here, I have no idea. And in the middle of the content like this? Who does that?!
4. Ad. Same format as above. See above rant. Why the white space in between? Presumably because the OC Register, having failed to shake me off so far, is trying to offend me as much as possible. Presumably for revenge.
5. Google ads! Of course! But only this high, no idea why. Note how it blends into a “More like this” section of OC Register links. Obviously because the OC Register doesn’t want its writers to be troubled by readers.
6. Another Related links sections. Small, ugly shape, doesn’t fit in at all. It’s ashamed, and trying to hide in the shadow of:
7. Google ads! Find commercial Sign Fabrication Work Up Bid in Your Area OF COURSE!
8. Links to different social networks. CUZ SOCIAL’S THE FUTURE, BAYBEE.
9. This is page 3 of 4. This is not a long article, but they need to split it up into 4, count ‘em four, different pages, to make sure the ad content you see here is replicated four times. Four times the ad income, squeezing every last drop of blood from that stone.

Why does the OC Register do this to its readers? Well, presumably:

a. Because it hates us, its readers
b. It wants to protect its writers from us hateful readers
c. It needs the money, because obviously this is better than erecting a paywall.

Well at this rate nobody wants to pay for a paywall (which I think is unfortunate) and nobody like hell is going to want to read anything for free. So we’ll continue to watch YouTube videos until society falls, or else the ads get too obnoxious. Whichever comes first.

Oh and check this: I went back to page 1 of the article to collect an originating link, and here’s a challenge: Try to find the photo filed with this article, in amongst the hideous piles of crap they’ve stuffed all over their website: