Honestly, the world is coming apart at the seams, but — presumably because I feel so fatalistic about it all (we had a chance to win this shiz and blew it, imho) — I just can’t be bothered (I’m also getting my ass kicked by either a cold or allergies).

And I don’t even have any more good jokes to link to.

So instead, I’ll link to something by Caitlin Moran I found so funny it literally has me laughing out loud (and did you all hear “lol” made the EOD?) every time I think about it since I first read it 2 months ago:

In the 16 peaceful years my husband and I have had together, there are only two subjects on which we have come to blows. The first is over his repeated, intolerable desire to own an oven glove – MAN UP AND USE A FOLDED TOWEL. YOU DON’T NEED SOME MANNER OF PAMPER MITTEN TO GET A TRAY OF OVEN CHIPS OUT, YOU THUNDEROUS NANCY.

I wish I were capable of bellowing at someone “you thunderous nancy” but I don’t think I can pull it off.