After basically ignoring all the non-news writing up till now (except perhaps the profiles of those involved) I’m letting myself get TOTALLY PSYCHED for the wedding tomorrow. However! I have a serious problem.

The BBC’s coverage is being led by Fearne bloody Cotton. The Americans apparently have sent the ladies from Entertainment “This Is What I Think of Your Monarchy” Tonight. Who knows who CNN and the cable channels are sending. Anyway I’m not getting up at 2am to watch it live, however tomorrow I SHALL be looking for a replay of the festivities.

Now, if this were sports, I’d tune in to Telemundo. So who’s the Telemundo for the Royal Wedding? The French?


Let’s peruse the morning papers, shall we? The Times:

Kate prepares to marry her prince at last

Campers seek perfect view of The Kiss

Prince charms the crowds in surprise appearance on Mall

‘The Firm’ welcome Kate with delight

The Telegraph:

Tantalising clue points to Sarah Burton as Kate’s dress designer

William and Kate risk getting wet in open carriage

Twenty arrested as squats raided across London

Royal couple ‘incredibly moved’ by public affection

Duchess of Cornwall pays tribute to Commonwealth crowds

Royal wedding weather: rain and thunder risk

Kate waves farewell to her life as a commoner


Crowds gather for royal wedding

Special report: Royal wedding

Guide to the royal wedding

Who’s who at the royal wedding

World awaits UK’s royal wedding

In pictures: Eve of the royal wedding

The Guardian:

Ex-chief of Bahrain ‘torture service’ at royal wedding

Bahrain: Four protesters sentenced to death

UK flying school suspends Bahrainis for protesting

Bahrain to execute Shia protesters

UK firm offered spy software to Egypt