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The History Blog – Shackleton’s whisky lives again and it’s delicious

Last summer, researchers from the Canterbury Museum in Christchurch, New Zealand thawed a crate of whisky found frozen solid under the floorboards of explorer Ernest Shackleton’s hut on Ross Island, Antarctica, in 2006. Whisky experts were all agog over the prospect of being able to analyze these spirits purchased for the expedition in 1907 because the original recipe for this brand, Mackinlay’s Rare Old Highland Malt Whisky, was long since lost. The bottles had been preserved in the deepest of deep freezes for a century and thus might provide all kinds of information about historical blends and distillation methods that you can’t get from whisky of the same age but that has lived a more active life.

So a master blender, Mr Richard Paterson, and his boss flew a private jet to New Zealand, put a couple bottles in a case and handcuffed it to his wrist. And then I can’t believe Customs made him uncuff himself from it. You’d think he’d be able to knock them over the head and shout at them, repeatedly, “THESE HAVE BEEN BURIED IN THE ANTARCTIC SINCE 1907 THEY’RE SHACKLETON’S OWN” and you’d think the man would say “Oh wow go on through.” Jeez.