EVERYTHING was gorgeous and I’m so glad I blew off work this morning to watch it. I loved everything about it (but woe betide the poor Princesses of York who will never live their outfits down) and I’ve rewatched the Jerusalem hymn at least four times today.

The Royal Wedding Ceremony at Westminster Abbey (This is the version from the BBC but without ANY talking, which is glorious)

Here’s a snippet from The Times‘ editorial (not too much cuz I don’t want to get in trouble):

The Times – To Show Honour
The royal wedding was a time for the whole nation to join the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s celebration with an outpouring of love and commitment

Those words — to “outdo one another in showing honour” — serve as a description of yesterday’s celebration. In countless ways, big and small, as a nation, we outdid one another in showing honour. Not honour just to the married couple, or to the royal family, but to every participant and spectator. And to the nation.

The elaborately choreographed event was much more than a ballet with horses. Every tiny act, symbolic though many of them were, conveyed from one person to another respect and common feeling. Ritual and tradition showed their value as a language we could all use to convey our affection for each other and for the United Kingdom.

- The trumpeters sounding off when the Queen arrived at the Abbey (not included in that video, alas)
- The bride displaying her dress as she got out of her totally awesome Phantom (how do they do those rear windows, anyway?!)
- Harry sneaking a peak as she walked up the interminable aisle
- Jerusalem (minute 47)
- The bride’s father standing at attention and just belting out God Save the Queen at the end of the service

Anyway I’m glad I watched the whole thing. I started the rebroadcast just as William was arriving at the church and ended it at the bitter end after the balcony, and I feel like it’s one of those things that if I hadn’t made the effort today it would have slipped and I’d never have watched it, and I’m glad I have.

And without any asinine commentary, as well.