So, we Americans are being told that it’s perfectly awful for Ryan Giggs’ affair to be made public because he has children. Why won’t somebody think of his children. Never mind that he’s famous and with fame comes the ability to send his children to school on private jets, and maybe he ought to have thought of his children before he took his pants off in front of a tabloid queen, but never mind.

(And of course we’re also being told by the French that it’s simply awful believing a mere maid when an important (French) man’s natural urges got away from him.)

Meanwhile Ahnuld’s children, both legitimate and not-so, are being splashed all over the tabloids. Old pictures of them at family functions, in church, scanned and sold to newspapers. Little kids. Not just their dad being named and his former mistress being identified, but pictures of the kids printed and captioned, with names.