The Corner – Daniel Pipes: ‘Arab Spring’: Misnomer

I never use this term, and for three reasons:

I’ll just quote two.

1. It’s seasonally inaccurate. The disturbances began in Tunisia on Dec. 17, 2010, at the very tail end of autumn, and the main events took place during the winter — Ben Ali’s resignation on Jan. 14, Mubarak’s resignation on Feb. 11, the start of the Yemeni disturbances on Jan. 15, the Syria ones on Jan. 26, the Bahraini and Iranian ones on Feb. 14, and the Libyan ones on Feb. 15. Spring is nearly over and nothing much has happened during the past 2+ months, just more of the same.

…Except the Libyan campaign. Arab Winter; Springtime for Aerial Bombardment?

2. It implies an optimism about the outcome that is unwarranted.

Oh, sigh.