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Cake or Death

This evening’s entertainment: I just love that bit.

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Camel Case

Holy hell: The camels can chug more than 50 gallons of water in three minutes From: Discovery News – FERAL CAMELS PLAGUE AUSTRALIAN OUTBACK Feral camels in the Australian desert are attacking air conditioning units, toilet systems and more in a desperate search for water.

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Your Age On Other Planets

I am gratified to see Pluto included in this page. Go the Exporatorium.

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How Not To Optimize For RSS


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I Haven’t Looked At Drudge in 3 Years

And it’s been blissful. But this doesn’t surprise me: By far, most of the traffic from links comes from the sprawling hybrid of Google search and news, which provides about 30 percent of the visits to news sites, according to a report released last week by the Project for Excellence in Journalism, part of the […]

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Random Question, Purely Curiosity

What do we think the world would be like (culturally (or however)) if HIV/AIDS hadn’t happened?

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Dominique Strauss-Kahn: I Have No Idea What’s Going On

But I love this line: Meanwhile, while Bernard-Henri is scandalized that a mere chambermaid can get a “great” man like Strauss-Kahn in trouble with the law merely by credibly accusing him of sexual assault, I am proud to live in a country where a housekeeper can get a world leader pulled off a plane bound […]

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The Cats of War

A slideshow of our bravest and, obviously, most capable beasts of war. Curtsy: Wheat & Weeds, who knows exactly what I’ll think of this.

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“A Reason to Travel”, Indeed

(Sorry about yesterday but, well, TGIF and all that) HalfEmpty sent this to me and I think it’s pretty darned cool (spending money on walking! and not biking! hurrah!): Reuters – Floating path on London’s Thames gets $100 mln nod London Mayor Boris Johnson said the kilometre-long pontoon design, known as “the London River Park”, […]

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Relocation Progress Report

Peter is in the process of setting up my iMac right now. Stand by. Further updates as events warrant.

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The Ethical Upshot of Shooting bin Laden In the Face

…At Wheat & Weeds. Hmm.

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“Symbolic Annihilation of Women” and the Chauvinistic Male Heroism of Piglet

Line of the day: Young children of either sex aren’t aware of the crushing fist of the patriarchy as exemplified by Wibbly Pig, unless they have exceptionally tiresome parents. From The Times (£): Sweetie, we don’t care if Winnie is a sexist Pooh, by India Knight

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Today We Moved Out

…Of the apartment we’ve been renting. Lots and lots of large boxes full of tiny crap. Honestly, moving is great at making one feel like an idiot consumerist jerk. Anyway, thought for the day: Why do furniture designers invariably channel their inner ugly when they get around to doing TV benches? Does everyone have an […]

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Okay Yes We Moved

Ahhhh. So you all might remember the last time we tried buying a house, Peter suddenly got very popular with a certain fruit company? Well now he’s at the fruit company and very happy there, too, and back in early March we finally sold the last damned house and now we’ve officially bought, moved into, […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCLX

Last night’s Daily Show opener was sublime. Perfect in every way. I’d embed it but they split the opener into three parts to easier to just sit through the double ad and watch up to the first ad break. Beautiful.

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