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I’m Reading Biggles

To be strictly accurate, I’m reading the foreword by the author to the first book. He’s telling truth-is-stranger-than-fiction tales about the RFC. My eyes are wide like saucers at his attitude. Anyone ever read this series? Red? Brett? Half (although it’s rather less nautical than your usual fare)?

Categories: Art and Literature

Imagine If There Was No 60s

Woah: Wheat & Weeds – Imagine Even Lennon Knew “Imagine” Was A Crock

Categories: Entertainment

Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCLXVI

I actually saw this yesterday but I’ve woken up with random bits of it stuck in my head, making me laugh: Whole Foods Parking Lot

Categories: Food

Jerusalem (The Non-Allegorical One)

A guy goes through Jerusalem filming musicians and mashes them together. I think it’s quite pretty.

Categories: Art and Literature

Stuxnet: Anatomy of a(n Open Source) Computer Virus

Stuxnet: Anatomy of a Computer Virus from Patrick Clair on Vimeo. I love stuff like this.

Categories: Geography and Foreign Affairs

A Post for Midsummer: Sunscreen!

I saw this last weekend on my Canadian adventure: Boing Boing – 4 things you didn’t know about sunscreen I’m looking this over again to find which bits I wanted to quote. Erm, read the whole thing.

Categories: Science and Nature

Arcadia for Oligarchs

At first I saw this headline and thought someone was getting hysterical about global warming, but it turns out it’s another in a theme of the super rich moving things out of reach: Telegraph – Harry Mount: The global elite has stolen the English summer [T]he English summer and social calendar has, in recent years, […]

Categories: Sports and Leisure

A Movie! In Theaters! Super 8!

Peter and I went to our first movie together since before Baby was born. That was Up, this was Super 8. Quick review to mark the occasion: It was good! Very good! • Basically The Goonies (which I didn’t actually like as much, fwiw) meets Cloverfield with healthy dashes of Jurassic Park: It’s a movie about […]

Categories: Entertainment

I Don’t Think This Is a Burqa

I think it’s a Saudi niqab. But anyway: The Corner – Mark Steyn: Dance of the Post-Modern Veils Basically, a woman gets 6 months for lying that a policeman did something racist and Islamophobic to her (ripping off her veil). Bad enough. But now the charges have been dismissed because no one can prove it […]

Categories: People and Current Events

Delta, Delta, Delta

Two days ago I found myself holding my nose through a line at Starbucks (you might remember this article from many moons ago which completely turned me off to that little brand), plus the women driving protest last week, and now this (and note the language (“we’re not the only ones doing this so don’t […]

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Vintage Puds!

This has been described in my Twitter as a blog about “old-fashioned WI cakes”: THE VINTAGE CAKE SPOT PS: I’m still going through the dozens of Twitter items I set aside from the weekend and the hundreds of unread items in the “Read First” (hah!) folder of my Google Reader. Baby steps!

Categories: Food

Solstice In the City

Happy First Day of Summer! First, Canada Trip debrief: • I went to Calgary and back without getting molested or ogled nekkid! • I got a stomach bug in Jasper! • The Jasper Park Lodge, though I’m still desperately fond of it based on my memories, is probably my least favourite of the Fairmont Hotels (tho most I’ve […]

Categories: Wildcard

Gone Fishin’

If anyone needs me I’ll be in a torrential downpour in the Canadian Rockies. Wine will be drunks, walks taken, hot springs visited, and ashes spread (both grandparents, long departed). Consider this your open thread. I doubt I’ll have much internet, but you never know! Photos to follow.

Categories: Wildcard

Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCLXV

Neil Patrick Harris sings the opening number for the other night’s Tony Awards ceremony: And oh lawd I was dyin’.

Categories: Entertainment

The Dalai Lama Walks Into a Pizza Shop

Oh man.

Categories: People and Current Events

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