Peter and I went to our first movie together since before Baby was born. That was Up, this was Super 8. Quick review to mark the occasion:

It was good! Very good!

• Basically The Goonies (which I didn’t actually like as much, fwiw) meets Cloverfield with healthy dashes of Jurassic Park: It’s a movie about junior high school students so it’s great for kids. If you’re wondering what age kids to take to see it, JJ Abrams does a good job of making a monster flick without lots of gore. So a sensitive 10-year-old? Maybe not. But if your kid can sit unfazed through the worst bits of Jurassic Park? It’s like that, but darker and rather more of it (but a shorter film, so hey!).≤br> • Great child actors. Each one had a personality. Distinct personalities. They managed to deliver lines in totally unselfconscious ways making them hilarious and meaningful instead of corny. I was super impressed.
• Great grownup actors too! They actually looked different, which is always fun. The dad was a good looking guy, all-American, named Jack. Now where have we run into that before…
• Like I said, it’s great for kids. Lots of healthy swearing in that way that younger teenage boys are so proud of. All the interactions and relationships are very real. It takes place in 1979 so things are a little more innocent. And it’s nice to see a movie about teenagers without any sex or flatulence or women in their underwear or robots punching each other.