At first I was all, “Oh lawd,” but then I realized I was laughing. Really laughing*:

In truth, a kind of British Spring is under way, now that the News Corporation’s tidy system of punishment and reward has crumbled. Members of Parliament, no longer fearful of retribution in Mr. Murdoch’s tabloids, are speaking their minds and giving voice to the anger of their constituents. Meanwhile, social media has roamed wild and free across the story, punching a hole in the tiny clubhouse that had been running the country. Democracy, aided by sunlight, has broken out in Britain.


Curtsy: Mark Steyn, who has more to say on the matter.

* Link apparently comes from the NYT, except NRO, in all their relentless fiddling (yeah, ask me how much I enjoy the Read More links in EVERY article in my RSS feed. How much do the writers anticipate that and front load their material to grab my attention? Not at all. How many times do I click through? Way less than I used to! Way to go, guys!) are trying to do some hack-ass redirect thing and have apparently broken all their outgoing links. Way to go, guys!