Telegraph – London riots: live
Rolling coverage of the third night of violent disturbances in London, Bristol, Liverpool and Birmingham, with widespread arson and looting reported across the capital.

So the story goes, as I understand it (largely from Twitter), some poor kid gets killed by police last week, and some (idiots) in his neighborhood decide to set fire to some stuff because there hasn’t been an arrest made in the three days it apparently always takes on television. Or whatever. So things being what they are, that is: not like television, they decide they need to take matters (justice) into their own hands by ruining their neighborhood (Tottenham). They get away with it, so the past two nights every moron kid in London has decided that this means they get a free DVD player (or, as the case may be, bag of basmati rice). Actually, for the ultimate in looting idiocy, check out this moron who uploaded this picture to Facebook.

Anyway, the Telegraph has rolling updates through the night and good lord, judging from that and the updates from Twitter, is it widespread.

And btw, I don’t get this feeling that if a city is in trouble, I necessarily need the head of the national government to give a lip-biting speech about it, but it is a little silly that Newsnight couldn’t get anyone from the government to appear tonight to discuss the riots.

I would quote some of the stuff from the above link but a) it’s updating too fast and b) it’s worth just reading the whole thing. They hijacked a bus just to crash it, FFS.