I hate satellite radio. I hate the idea of (like cable on-demand) a product you’re paying for (via advertising or subscription) sucking so much that you’d “opt-in” to pay more to make it less shitty. Sorry, but that’s what it is: Cable, Radio, 3D films (that last one’s a joke)…

But I like the BBC and when Peter bought me a car last year, it came with 6 months of satellite radio, and I loved having Radio 1. When the 6 months ran out, I pined, and Peter renewed it for me for Christmas. I rejoiced.

So then this week they killed Radio 1. And what did they replace it with? At first a repeating ad, saying they’re “making room” for a new station, and then pointing out the FIVE OR SIX other channels with “similar content” (Sorry but that’s your pitch? It takes 5 or 6 stations to fill in for the one you just axed, on an odd day in the first half of a month that’s not the beginning of any particular quarter or fiscal year?), and now it’s running a repeated promo for “Studio 54 Radio”. I didn’t listen to enough of the “sample” track but it sounds like mediocre dancey techno like a half dozen other crappy satellite stations. And I’m sure they’ll have some d-bag DJs running the thing that sound like a bunch of morons like all the rest of the home-brew Sirius channels. And let’s not lose sight of the face that they’re cutting BBC radio loose to make room for a station named after a club that got shut down when the operators spent their millions in profits on cocaine.

So I sent them an email, asking what the hell happened to Radio 1 and explaining that honestly, I really can’t justify PAYING for second-rate mediocrity and that the crap they have on offer is not an alternative to a world-class radio station, but I haven’t had a reply yet.

It’s really too bad. I enjoyed contributing to the Beeb’s finances. It’s not a lot that they get from overseas sales of their content, but it’s something, and I feel better for actually paying for something of quality, and not jumped-up mood music for a midwestern bagel house.

I was hoping that the Sirius-BBC thing was a sign of things to come; that they’d license overseas stuff and it would end up being a place where you go to get content you actually can’t get on local radio, but no, I don’t know what went wrong, but they’ve apparently made the decision that they don’t want to be interesting.

At least cable on-demand gives you Harry Potter to replace your “17 Again” reruns. This is backwards. It’s depressing. And I’m going through Greg James withdrawal, damnit.

Incidentally, here’s a Facebook group about it: Get BBC Radio 1 Back on Sirius XM. It’s pitifully unliked, but maybe a bit of Google traffic will help.