ABC – Still Vigilant at the Tomb of the Unknowns Despite Irene

Or there would’ve been tears if I hadn’t been stupid enough to click on the video. I figured, “hell, maybe I’ll get something meaningful about the sense of duty to history’s fallen” but no.

This video is the first bit of news coverage I’ve actually seen of that stupid storm and OH MY GAWD I’m so glad I don’t get any televised signal in any form (except Netflix and, err, bit torrent). So really, just look at the video preview frame and leave it at that.

Continuing my screed: HOW IS THIS NEWS? Why can’t they just show us the cool pictures of the storm, give us a couple factoids, and spare us the j-school frat boys on storm duty trying to work some smart sounding words into their bit?

Way to ruin the moment, ABC.