Slate is running a really interesting series on conspiracies. I’m pulling out a quote from the introduction, but there are links to all the sections at the top of the articles should you wish to peruse further.

Slate – Where Were You When You First Heard?
The other question I asked myself for the 10th anniversary of 9/11. By Jeremy Stahl

Consider: Within hours of the planes hitting the towers, the conspiracy theories had already begun to swirl. Many used them to pin blame on their favorite pre-existing bogeyman. Days after 9/11, for example, a rumor spread that 4,000 Jews had been warned about the attacks and failed to show up for their jobs at the Twin Towers. As outlined in Part 1 of this series, this story was debunked immediately and never gained traction in the West. Career paranoiacs in America, meanwhile, were pointing the finger squarely at the U.S. government. People like libertarian radio host Alex Jones and alternative media reporter Michael Ruppert came from different ends of the political spectrum, but they both “knew” instantly that powers more diabolical than al-Qaida were behind the attacks, specifically the all-pervasive New World Order and the oil-hungry, fascistic Bush administration.

Or even, in more distilled, universally shared form:

The Sunday Times – A simple truth to kill the big lie about 9/11
The lesson from September 11, 2001, is never ignore the obvious — there is simply no need to introduce complexities to understand it, by Christopher Hitchens