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A Decade of 9/11: My Firstborn Shall Be Called Libby*

Libby Purves is very good today in The Times. I’d quote from it but I’d be told off by their legal counsel again. I wish it were possible to buy all of you a £1 guest pass. It’s nice to be reminded of some of Rudy’s best press-conference moments. I wish there were more of […]

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A Decade of 9/11: John and Joe

John Vigiano Sr. is a retired New York City firefighter whose two sons followed him into service—John Jr. was a firefighter, too, and Joe was a police detective. On September 11, 2001, both Vigiano brothers responded to the call from the World Trade Center, and both were killed while saving others. Here, John Sr. remembers […]

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A Decade of 9/11: Conspiracies

Slate is running a really interesting series on conspiracies. I’m pulling out a quote from the introduction, but there are links to all the sections at the top of the articles should you wish to peruse further. Slate – Where Were You When You First Heard? The other question I asked myself for the 10th […]

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Finally: Nadine

I ignored this whole story (the bill submitted in the UK by Nadine Dorries to fiddle with who provides counseling for women seeking abortions) up till I read the following, but mostly because everything I saw was a reaction to the original story. But this sums things up quite nicely, and makes some excellent points. […]

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Trust Hollywood To Take the Most Amazing Technology and Make It Suck

A blog post on colour grading all movies into: Teal and Orange – Hollywood, Please Stop the Madness The funny thing is, adding a colour palette like this is just going to mean that when we look back at all these movies they’re going to look dated as hell. So dated that we won’t be […]

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Pink Stink

I agree with this: Wheat & Weeds – Another Reason To Hate Pink I also don’t buy pink branded stuff because I absolutely refuse to buy into a “lifestyle” when I’m just looking for [a handbag, a plant, a box of cereal, whatever]. I don’t buy Martha Stewart furniture (yes I actually like her furniture […]

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Peter Recommends CXXXIV

It’s been a while since I did one of these. Since April, in fact. Anyhoo, this is pretty amazing: Louis CK on 20 year-olds and jobs

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A Decade of 9/11: Photos

Time – Revisiting 9/11: Unpublished Photos by James Nachtwey I hope they do a lot of this.

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Not In Kansas

Two things first: In my line of work, I’m always fighting to NOT call “Christmas” “the holidays” because I know it irritates the crap out of the rest of the English speaking world when Americans do that and I was just reading this essay by Mark Steyn in which he says, completely incidentally to anything […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCLXXI

The set up (as explained at the beginning of the clip): Madonna was in Hungary filming the movie “Evita” when she was interviewed for a Budapest paper. So the questions were written in Hungarian, translated into English for her, then her responses (in English) translated back into Hungarian for publishing. Then USA Today wanted a […]

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Movie News

I’m not sure if these two go together but in my head they kinda do, so two movies to report on (if second hand): First, Wheat & Weeds saw Captain America and …liked it? Apparently I should never have listened to the rumours promulgated by the trailer. Which made it look ridiculously idiotically ludicrously bad. […]

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I Don’t Know What Happened This Week But I’m This Close to Throwing an Effigy of WordPress Out the Window

The last three posts I’ve published this week haven’t published. They’ve been sitting as drafts this whole time, and I’ve been too busy to notice (I usually only check the status page of comments, not the bleeding’ posts, FFS). Publishing now. Apologies for the loss of timeliness.

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