I think I was done with her when she quit as Governor. Yeah she had to deal with a lot of stupid BS that other politicians didn’t have to deal with that was affecting her family, but she could’ve also just sort of kept her head down and governed and it would’ve blown over.

In the Corner: Gigot: Palin ‘Chose to Be a Media Celebrity’

“Ms. Palin might have been a contender. Had she finished her job as governor, devoted a year or two to learning what she didn’t know about the world and economics, built a network of support around the country, and developed a thicker skin about the media, she might now be a formidable candidate. Instead, she chose to be a media celebrity and to play hard-to-get as a candidate. The best thing she could do for her reputation at this point would be to declare once and for all that she isn’t running, and then work to support whoever is the GOP nominee.”

I concur. But that would require exhibiting a little good judgement which I don’t think she’s really known for these days.