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Happy Halloween!

Baby went trick-or-treating today dressed as a Y-is-for-Yak. She wouldn’t say much, but she did rather enthusiastically shout “Yahk!” at people. So yeah I spent all day sewing yak ears onto what used to be a teddy bear costume. Boo-yargh, I totally pulled it off. Carry on.

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The Battlefield Arts of Wolverhampton

So cool: BBC – The only living master of a dying martial art I feel like, as much as the world loves a battle-hermit, that maybe, as a means of passing on your battlefield art, living as a hermit until your 80s when you notice not many kids have come past your mountain top seeking […]

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1% OWS

I don’t usually like videos of people shouting at each other (which is basically all the confront-a-protester videos are) but this one’s fun to watch: Peter Schiff confronts the OWS Curtsy: The Corner (lookit me getting through my Google Reader!)

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I Am the 1000+

In which I join the Occupy movement: WaPo – Occupy Google Reader: Changes to the RSS feed irk the ‘sharers’ When Google announced last week that Google Reader, an RSS aggregator with social-networking capability, would be rolling its social features into Google+, its disappointed readers felt helpless and disenfranchised against a powerful force. Hey, kind […]

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Albertans: All Young and Outdoorsey

Totally. (remember to breathe) – Travel Alberta I love this video. Watch it big.

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Some of you may have seen this story, which has caused a flurry of hilarity on Twitter. Specifically: Burnistoun S1E1 – Voice Recognition Elevator And: Kevin Bridges – Scottish Accent

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Have You Heard?

They’re killing Google Reader. It’s all going through Google+ now (when I say “now” I mean “whenever they get around to implementing the change). On the one hand I think this is good because I’m sick of hearing about how important G+ is to Google but then having hacky-ass integrations between it and existing products. […]

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Mainly, I Am Gratified To Know That Jon Stewart Is Worth Over Twice Nancy Pelosi

Wheat & Weeds – Party of The We Don’t Mind If You’re Rich And of course they don’t mind if they’re rich. They’re constantly pointing out to the rest of us how rich they are and how that’s why the rest of us should get taxed more.

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Peter Recommends CXXXVII

Peter said to me last night, “Oh have you seen that tumble blog of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?” And I was all “Hoo-wha?” And he said “Yeah somebody figured out that if you paint a mask and mouth on any person’s nose it looks like one of those costumes.” And that’s when I finished […]

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Ave, atque, and indeed, vale: Aerial footage of Steve Jobs Celebration (Video) (Bonus: City of Cupertino Pays Tribute to Steve Jobs)

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Peter Recommends CXXXVI

Michael Winslow on Senkveld med Thomas go Harald does Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin This is amazing.

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Post Protocol Modern Manners

Conundrum: I’m friends on Facebook with someone who’s a perfectly lovely guy, even if I haven’t talked to him since high school. So today he posts a photo of one of the 99%ers holding up whatever vacuous message it was scrawled on a piece of cardboard (she was holding a baby and one of her […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCLXXV

RC2 is making me laugh: Wheat & Weeds – At Random Come for the Neiman Marcus joke. Stay for the exercise punch line.

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In Which iGo Shopping

What have I been up to, you all ask, in desperate need of updates? Well, funny you should ask, because I’ve been keeping on top of the news! And I have no idea what is going on. Once again (this must be what happens when one only reads political sources; therefore responses to things rather […]

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Your Mother-Nature-Is-Trying-To-Kill-You-In-Ever-Increasingly-Original-Ways Moment of the Day, Golf Course Edition:

Daily Mail – Now that’s what you call a water hazard! Flooding brings killer sharks to golf course At the 14th tee at the Carbrook Golf Club, Brisbane, a dozen man-eating bullsharks are waiting to swallow any lost balls and the sight of their fins poking through the water has even made the place a […]

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