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How to Tell You’ve Got a Serious Effing Problem

Movie/TV scene: Distraught, vulnerable man appears on a window ledge on the top floor of a high building. A crowd gathers below, murmuring quietly to each other as the heroes discuss loudly what to do to save the day. Whenever the man above makes a sudden movement, the crowd shrieks and shouts encouragement at him… […]

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I’ve read a lot of articles about Steve Jobs in the past couple of days (and I have reams more of them waiting to be read later) but I think this one is the most worthwhile of all of them, so far, especially in this age of having to be nice above all else all […]

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I like this (photo slideshow): [NYT – The Food Issue: Why Should Families Eat Together?)[http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2011/10/02/magazine/02-families.html#1)

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I Would Like a Sign To Hang Above My Gate

The entrance to casa ninme is a gate opening onto a small patio. I would like one of these but we don’t send kids into guild arts anymore do we. Spitalfields Life – The Signs of Old London

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An Idea For Those Uncomfortable Billions

All these billionaires asking Obama to raise their taxes… Isn’t there a program that lets them, if they really want to, just cut a check to the federal government? Or couldn’t they, just for instance, use the riches they insist on telling us about to, perhaps, endow a hospital? That is to say, instead of […]

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I’ve been saying that slowly over and over trying to get it down but I don’t think I’m comfortable using it in front of anyone other than my iMac yet. English Forums – Paraprosdokians A paraprosdokian is a figure of speech in which the latter part of a sentence or phrase is surprising or unexpected […]

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