Conundrum: I’m friends on Facebook with someone who’s a perfectly lovely guy, even if I haven’t talked to him since high school. So today he posts a photo of one of the 99%ers holding up whatever vacuous message it was scrawled on a piece of cardboard (she was holding a baby and one of her points was that she wasn’t an anarchist or something, but that’s as much as I can remember), with a note, “Open your eyes.” Right, fine, whatever. Annoying, off-putting, but at least polite. Ish.

So then one of his friends leaves not one but two comments going on a long screed about tea-bagging and “rePUBElicans” (I see what you did there!) and all sorts of other offensive and disgusting and at the very least impolite crap, and I’m sitting there reading this thinking, you know, this is my effing Facebook feed, why should I have to sit here reading this?

I clicked on the little drop-down link to “hide” that post, but my question is: Would it have been better to have just kicked that guy out of my friends list? Or would that have been over reacting? Or is this whole situation yet another ridiculous absurdity as only Facebook can ever place us in?