I have a problem. I basically do (or try to do) everything India Knight tells me to do (I’ve long been nursing a major crush on that woman and her life (to illustrate, here’s her house)), and thusly I have built a huge collection of design blogs and retailers for the home, all of whom are in the UK. Some elsewhere in the world, but I mostly disregard them entirely.

Now, all things considered, it isn’t that expensive having things shipped from the UK (this is why I disregard the Antipodean resources). Not if they’re pillows, prints, other littler housewares. Except the £ is high and HM’s taxes are high and yeah, the shipping’s high, so it’s not exactly an ideal long term solution. In search for something rather more local, I turned to Apartment Therapy’s list of best home design blogs for this year. Every one of them is awful, but then the very last one, I think, “Ah! Colour! Actual design! Eclectic mixes of old and new! She’s not just downloading photos from West Elm and Pottery Barn and all the other huge chain stores I can find on my own FFS!” …And it’s in Australia. Yesterday I even went looking on the San Francisco Chronicle’s website. Their website. It is the worst website in the world. It is completely devoid of content, unless that content is a) Ads or b) User generated.

So, does such a thing exist: A Heart Home, but in America? Or maybe I should rephrase that: Does anyone in the US sell the sorts of things I like, or are we stuck with West Elm and Pottery Barn? Is that really all there is?