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Books of 2011 (And Previous to 2006)

You’ll never guess what I found: My book notebook! Yea, verily, the little black notebook that I write down everything I read in. Once upon a time I planned on doing a Sunday Books of the Year list at the last day of every year, but after 2005, every time New Years rolled around, I […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCLXXIX

Best Local News Bloopers of 2011: Epic. Omg so good.

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I Have a Computer Again!

…Sort of. It’s running off of Peter’s external hard drive. Basically, my car is on cinder blocks and the engine is toast but I’ve got some cables running out of an engine up on a table so I can sit in the driver’s seat and run the air conditioning. It works.

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When They Make the Movie, I Hope It’s Not As Bad As Windtalkers

Unexpected headline of the day: Telegraph – On patrol with the Shadow Wolves, the best hunters of humans in the world On the trail with the US Department of Homeland Security’s Shadow Wolves, the department’s only Native American tracking unit, along the Arizona-Mexico border.

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O My Little Trusty iMac, How Still We See Thee Liiiiiiie

Happy belated Christmas, all. Thank you for leaving your good wishes in the non sequitorious Kim Jong Il post. Because you see, yesterday, here’s what happened: I wake up my iMac first thing and trot off to get coffee and whatnot. Presents were opened. That kind of thing. 20 minutes later or so I return […]

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The Kim Jong Il Obituary In the Telegraph

Telegraph – Kim Jong-il Kim Jong-il, the North Korean dictator, who died on Saturday aged 69, presided over the systematic impoverishment and starvation of millions of his people, while enjoying the life of a spoiled playboy – fast cars, fast women, cellars of vintage French wines, and a passion for Rambo and Daffy Duck videos. […]

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Miss Fat and Beautiful

A 1960s Pathe newsreel: “A comfortable woman, with the sort of statistics an old Dutch painter would have loved.” “A woman can still be attractive long after any man has taken her on his knee.” We wish our fatties were that thin. At least they still had ankles. Hell, knees.

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Books, Booze, and a Photographic Memory

A tempting quotation from Hitchens, on how we might perhaps improve our writing skills: Many great writers did some of their finest work when blotto, smashed, polluted, shitfaced, squiffy, whiffled and three sheets to the wind.’ Unfortunately, a better idea would be to read more novels, biographies, poetry, criticism, and history, then have a photographic […]

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The New Yorker – POSTSCRIPT: CHRISTOPHER HITCHENS, 1949-2011 by Christopher Buckley Amazing. (Is it perhaps a little unimaginative of me to point out that he finally died on the day they were ending the Iraq War?)

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I Am So Happy I Can’t Think of a Better Pun

Wheat & Weeds – Reading Books For Pleasure Shall Not Die! I was honestly beginning to think that maybe, when room for stockpiling ran out, I should spend $15 a pop on Edison bulbs. Gorgeous light. Last forever. Bankruptablicious. I could’ve done without the overturn being “tucked inside the massive 1,200-page spending bill that funds […]

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And Now: The Santa Brand Book

The Santa Brand Book. Literally. You’re welcome. Via Quietroom.

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And Now: MRI-ing a Mummy

David Eagleman – Scanning a 3,000 year old mummy

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The Most Hated Woman In Tech

I love this: Tech Crunch – Stop Telling Women To Do Startups, by Penelope Trunk Apparently everybody’s hating on her. But I was whooping and doing air-punches with every paragraph. Read the whole thing so I don’t have to quote the whole thing. Because you know I will.

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AND THE BEST PERSON EVER: Kanye Tweets, stitched, by Supervelma on Etsy.

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One of the 45 Most Powerful Images of 2011

This: The 45 Most Powerful Images of 2011 is okay. I feel like there were better photos, and the tsunami in Japan should have proportionally more than a dust storm in Arizona, for heaven’s sakes, but whatever. However! I draw your attention to #35! A WOMAN! In Libya! …Shooting an AK-47 into the air. But […]

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