Happy belated Christmas, all. Thank you for leaving your good wishes in the non sequitorious Kim Jong Il post. Because you see, yesterday, here’s what happened:

I wake up my iMac first thing and trot off to get coffee and whatnot. Presents were opened. That kind of thing. 20 minutes later or so I return and try to wake it up again but the screen saver’s frozen in place. Whatever, I think, and wait patiently for it.

Finally the screensaver clicks away and I’m seeing my screen, and the backup had popped a dialog about something to do with needing to do a fresh index of my drive or something, which can take a few hours. This is totally, properly frozen, so I force the poor thing to restart, and then it was mushroom clouds from then on in.

I was tracking progress on Twitter, but in any event, there are screens that we shouldn’t be seeing and the disk utility is basically telling us the computer is too broken to help, and I had no computer on Christmas with which to properly wish you all a merry Christmas.

Now I’ve logged into WordPress on my work laptop while Peter prepares the cables and external hard drives.