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AND THE BEST PERSON EVER: Kanye Tweets, stitched, by Supervelma on Etsy.

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See, I Do Still Read the News

The Corner – Mark Steyn: Zero Tolerance, Zero Proportion Among much of America’s hideous educrat monopoly, the Golden Rule is that regulatory compliance is always the right thing to do, no matter how stupid and wicked it is. This news item — “First Grader Accused Of Sexual Harassment” — came to my attention with the […]

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One of the 45 Most Powerful Images of 2011

This: The 45 Most Powerful Images of 2011 is okay. I feel like there were better photos, and the tsunami in Japan should have proportionally more than a dust storm in Arizona, for heaven’s sakes, but whatever. However! I draw your attention to #35! A WOMAN! In Libya! …Shooting an AK-47 into the air. But […]

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Svetlana’s School Chums

Uh, jeez: Telegraph – Obituary: Lana Peters Lana Peters, who has died aged 85, was better known as Svetlana Stalin. She spent a lifetime trying to escape the notoriety of being daughter to the man who vies with Adolf Hitler for the title of most vicious tyrant of the 20th century; ultimately, and perhaps inevitably, […]

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But Are The Regional Editions Any Thicker

This is hilarious: These Time Magazine Covers Explain Why Americans Know Nothing About The World

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