Telegraph – Kim Jong-il
Kim Jong-il, the North Korean dictator, who died on Saturday aged 69, presided over the systematic impoverishment and starvation of millions of his people, while enjoying the life of a spoiled playboy – fast cars, fast women, cellars of vintage French wines, and a passion for Rambo and Daffy Duck videos.

…is fairly comprehensive.

Update: And bringing the week full circle:

Vanity Fair (January, 2001) – Visit to a Small Planet
North Koreans worship their dead dictator, Kim Il Sung, and his son the reigning Kim Jong Il, despite the surreal nightmare of famine, isolation, repression, and nuclear peril the dynasty has spawned. In Pyongyang, the author wonders whether mass delusion is the only thing that keeps a people sane.
by Christopher Hitchens

(He visited North Korea at the beginning of the year ten years ago. At the end of the year was 9/11, the tenth anniversary of which he did see, but just a few days after he dies, the Dear Leader dies. Doesn’t mean much but it’s interesting.)