There’s a new Twitter account (since the Pearl Harbor anniversary), @rosieswwii, which is going through WWII through the experiences of a recently married woman living in Seattle in 1941 (now 1942). There are a couple of these but this one is the most fictionalized. Or I think it is. I have no idea if this is actually taken from someone’s diaries or whatever but I doubt it.

Anyway, yesterday, on a walk along Alki beach to pass New Year’s Day and pass the time now that her husband has enlisted (you see what I mean?), she posted these 7 wartime propaganda posters of our Allies, which she’s posted all at once on the corresponding blog (she also has a Facebook page (honestly, these historical accounts are so fun)). Those pictured: Englishman, Ethiopian, Dutch Sailor, Chinese, Russian (hah!), Australian (obligatory hat: check), and Canadian (tam o’shanter ftw!).

I thought it was funny.