Late last week fans of the popular ITV/Masterpiece Theatre drama Downton Abbey were thrilled to discover (via most major press outlets who love any excuse to run photos of our favourite posh people) that the ladies of Downton Abbey have been recycling costumes from other major period films and dramas. See for instance:

Daily Mail – Hand me Downton: How dresses in ITV hit have been recycled from other major films

• Gowns and accessories previously worn by stars including Uma Thurman, Emma Thompson and Catherine Zeta-Jones
• ‘You can’t supply originals to everyone because it would make an already expensive programme simply unaffordable’, says costumier Tim Angel

And I think in these recession-hit times, it’s a lovely sign of true aristocracy that they’d be doing something a little bit on the cheap. Nothing so vulgar as buying things new, oh no.


…Last night I ran into Laura Carmichael’s name on Twitter (middle sister Lady Edith) and for whatever reason (insomnia) I didn’t recognize it so I did a quick Google search on my phone and found this picture:

…of all three actresses at the premiere of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Note the dress Laura Carmichael is wearing? Now look at this photo of a different mix of actresses from this fall’s Emmy Awards:

See the dress Michelle Dockery is wearing? It’s not at all the same dress! Except it is a very similar dress! So I think any excuse to run some photos of our favourite posh people, eh?