Good news! I’ve caught up on #Madonna!

1. Apparently her hamstring was blown. It showed, but she seemed to loosen up and enjoy herself by the end.

2. Is it familiarity or actually something that her voice just works better with her older songs? I was telling Peter yesterday that my problem with Madonna isn’t much more than that her voice doesn’t work outside that 80s sound (that slightly tinny sound like with Kate Bush and them), and it just doesn’t go with modern pop. But then she started singing Like a Prayer (which, though technically from the 80s, doesn’t sound to me like a very 80s song) and I still really like that song. Maybe modern music is too bassy for her? It’s all that techno influence? But that can’t be it, because Justin Timberlake’s falsetto in 4 Minutes just highlighted exactly the problem with her voice. So maybe it is familiarity? Except I don’t really believe that, either. Somehow I think her songwriters were just better suited for her before pop music changed.

3. Again, I know her hamstring was blown, but it gave her a stiffness and the concentration meant that she was just behind and just under her cues, but some of her dancing reminded me of that stiff-old-lady-but-still-on-stage-and-belting-it-out clap-and-shuffle that Dolly Parton does. I mean, uncanny.