So, lots going on in the culture wars. There seems to be two sides (as represented on my Facebook feed, anyway): “Oh hey I’m against [X] but won’t really explain why very well, if at all” and “PEDOPHILE PRIESTS SO SHUT UP”. Right.

So anyway, here’s a thing that explains at least the gay marriage thing and, hopefully, won’t solicit the fomenting reaction, should any of you choose to use it on your own Facebook feeds (obviously by a Catholic but in a fairly Natural Lawish sort of context).

The Tablet Blog – The Catholic Church and gay marriage, by Fr Timothy Radcliffe OP

The former head of the Dominicans and looking rather natty in his monks robes (I never see monks in anything but a 70s take on a Saint Francis garden statue) as pictured in the following blog post by a gay Catholic:

Telegraph Blogs – Stephen Hough: Gay marriage and Catholics

As the election year progresses (EIGHT. MORE. MONTHS.), people at work are starting to get pretty chatty about politics, and I dunno how much longer I can agree with them without having to stop agreeing with them. So far I’ve managed to keep it to, “Yeah sexism from all sides is really bad,” and “I guess there’s a lot of Libertarians in Virginia,” and “I don’t get TV so no, I didn’t watch the speech.”