This amused me:

The Corner – Mark Steyn: Let’s Have Burkina Faso Run U.S. Elections

The NAACP have asked the U.N. Human Rights Council in Geneva to investigate U.S. voter ID laws.

The U.N. Human Rights Council includes such paragons of human rights — and free elections — as China, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, Libya (elected to the council under its late dictator-for-life) and Burkina Faso, whose citizens are required to carry government photo ID at all times, or risk highly mercurial spot fines. Oh, and let’s not forget Djibouti, whose current president, the nephew of the previous president, won an impressive 100 percent of the vote in his 2005 reelection campaign.

By the way, if, after they’ve finished testifying on America’s institutional racism, the NAACP are minded to accept any dinner invitations from the council members, I’d be wary of the chaps from Mauritania, a country where blacks are still kept as slaves.

Okay not that last bit about Mauritania, obvs, but I, for one, always carry around my government photo ID at all times, so why shouldn’t the vote fraudsters do too! And think how calm everything would be if Romney just embraced his right wing instincts and won by a landslide of 100%! There’d be no more moaning about chads and disenfranchisement! We could all go watch TV instead! After all, by next year’s election, Season 3 of Downton Abbey should be out. And so will The Hobbit! These are exciting times to be living in!