Election results from our Intrepid Queensland Election Correspondent Brett McS:

Conservatives retake Queensland!

Labor down to seven (7!) seats, Conservatives 75!, Greens 0 (and down on percentage), independents and still undecided, the remaining few of 89 seats total. Political commentators gob-smacked.

Campbell Newman is the new Premier (no ‘lame duck’ sessions for us). Former Major in the Australian Army, professional engineer (!!), most recently the Mayor of Brisbane (during the floods, where his excellent performance brought him national attention and the leadership of the state party), still only 48. Organised, decisive, smart and charismatic. Labor can write off Queensland for the foreseeable future.


BTW. Queensland is bigger than Texas and California combined, with huge mineral and gas resources. A big prize for the free world!

That is a good fun fact. Also, this video at the Australian is entitled,

Labor destroyed in Queensland

Which is rather wonderful.