The other day I retweeted a thing from Jonah Goldberg (in two parts):

You know a real war on women is happening in Afghanistan, where they throw acid in the face of girls trying to read.

Saying that women should be charged for their own birth control is a “war on women” is grotesque by comparison.

Which reminds me that I need to update my Twitter widget so people can actually see the stuff getting RTed instead of everything just …blanking out, as it does now. Anyway, then I said (completely out of context, therefore, for anyone not on Twitter):

Btw, I also think men should be charged for their own Viagra. And have mandatory colonoscopies to get it. #spambotsdoyourworst

And I only got two pornbots auto-replying at me! Amazing!

So here’s another thing I found through RC2′s Twitter:

The Archdiocese of New York – Religious Freedom and Protecting Healthcare for Women and Children

I won’t quote the whole thing, which would need quoting, but it isn’t long and I would encourage everyone to rtwt. Unless you already have because you’re on Twitter.