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Hey Guys, What’re Y’All Doing With Your Millions This Year?

Daily Mail – For sale – a Jane Austen fantasy: Entire £50m Georgian Bath crescent goes on the market for the first time in 200 years How bout it?

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I’m Famous!

Enjoy… LOL

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Pictures! Old West Pictures!

Brett McS sent these via Twitter. I’d put them in my oft-neglected Tumblr in the sidebar, but they’d never work at that teensy scale: The Atlantic – The American West, 150 Years Ago Click through to see all of them.

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The Jubilee Song

Schmaltz! But effective schmaltz! Sing – Gary Barlow & The Commonwealth Band featuring Military Wives I mean bagpipes? Really? (Plus the little girls in the African Children’s Choir (in Uganda) are wearing necklaces just like one I stole from my mother 20 years ago, and I still can’t figure out what they’re called.)

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Washington Examiner – San Francisco to rename street after Pelosi “Middle Drive East” which connects Martin Luthjer King Jr. Drive and John F Kennedy Drive in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park will now be renamed in honor of Pelosi and her 25 years of service in Congress. :| :| :|

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I Don’t Know If Anybody’s Pointed This Out Lately

But Windsor is a damned fine looking castle.

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Even the Touchy Feely Stuff Turns Total Cock Up

WaPo – Charles Krauthammer: Gay marriage: Empathy or right? There are two ways to defend gay marriage. Argument A is empathy: One is influenced by gay friends in committed relationships yearning for the fulfillment and acceptance that marriage conveys upon heterosexuals. That’s essentially the case President Obama made when he first announced his change of […]

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Colour Really Sucks the Vintage Out of Vintage Photos

Sometimes they just look like people in funny historical outfits. Which makes costume history seem really strange. I mean, what if we could see colour photographs of a dude in full Elizabethan getup? The people staying the same (if shorter) but the trappings keep evolving. I mean, that kid with the gas tanks is wearing […]

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Future Lawyers: Still Lawyers

So much for “First…” Welcome to Life: the singularity, ruined by lawyers (In fairness: Lawyers and MBAs.)

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Yorkshireman Brendon Grimshaw

Bought an island in the Seychelles in 1962 for £8,000. /is suddenly incredibly dissatisfied with life on a grand scale

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Sex! Crime! Islam! It’s Interesting I Swear!

I already posted this on Twitter, but it needs a spot in the external memory drive: The Independent – Asian grooming: why we need to talk about sex Special Report day two: Our investigation into the background to the Rochdale child abuse ring concludes by exploring its cultural and religious implications, by Paul Vallely As […]

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In Which the NYT Once Again Proves They’re Too Interested In Compelling Narrative To Know What the Heck They’re Talking About

I agree with this: Wheat & Weeds – Maurice Sendak

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Protesting Starbucks: Racial Politics Edition

I don’t agree with this: RCP – MSNBC: Obama Held To Higher Standard On Gay Marriage Since He’s Black Two things: I would be hard pressed to rattle off an equally long list of accomplishments the president has enacted on behalf of any other minority group, including black Americans. Yet he faces endless criticism from […]

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And Aren’t WE At War??

I love this and I want it for MY important Defense Highways. Curtsy: @rosiesWWII.

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Insert Romantic Tropical Musings on the Pace of Modern Life Etc Etc Etc

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