I already posted this on Twitter, but it needs a spot in the external memory drive:

The Independent – Asian grooming: why we need to talk about sex Special Report day two: Our investigation into the background to the Rochdale child abuse ring concludes by exploring its cultural and religious implications, by Paul Vallely

As I said on Twitter (but truncated), there’s a lot of really interesting stuff going on in this. Read the whole things for tidbits on:

• Culture: Pakistani vs Punjabi vs Islamic
• Sex: How traditionally raised married couples balance nookie and living with his parents (and his brothers’ wives)
• Location: Why communities of Pakistani origin have a slightly different (more pronounced) set of problems than do those in London and Southern England
• White girls: An interesting conflict of opinions on whether it’s racism or opportunity (put in place by culture) that puts the girls at risk
• Binge drinking: If one is a traditionally-minded young man of Pakistani origin and Islamic faith, and the only white people one ever runs into are falling half naked into the back of one’s taxi, what would one think of the value of white people?
• Sex-ed: A rather sweet description of classes for young people in these communities, who otherwise never get to talk about sex or even see their parents make any sort of physical contact whatsoever.

A quick quote which I found rather sweet (altho hopefully she figured it out):

Sometimes the women, especially those who have come from Pakistan for an arranged marriage, need lessons on how to seduce their husbands. I told one woman that she needed to pay more attention to her husband and she paused and said: “I’ll iron more of his shirts then”. I had to explain that wasn’t quite what I meant.”